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Follow Up Letter After a Job Interview

Sending a follow-up letter after a job interview is vital and could mean the difference between getting hired or not.

8, 10, MANY Resume Words to Avoid

8, No, 10, No, MANY Resume Words to Avoid
There are eight words no resume should include because they’re “fluffy,” says Tina Brasher, a certified professional resume writer.
Actually, there are 10 resume words to avoid, according to recent research from LinkedIn Analytics.
Really, there are hundreds of words and phrases to avoid. Brasher culled her list of [...]

Job Search Tools: References vs. Referrals

References and referrals have become the most commonly used networking tools for job seekers. Both can be critical in landing your next position, but what’s the difference between the two?

Confessions of a Job Seeker (and Recruiter)

Recruiter Chris Brablc fresh off his own job search shared the highlights of what he learned from the process for both sides of the job-search fence.

Cover letters still matter. They were a differentiator for him on several occassions.
Stalk a company. More and more advice says to target a company then break into the social networks [...]

What Font Should You Use on Your Resume?

Keep it safe and consistent when it comes to which font you use on your resume, advised professional resume writer Steve Burdan in the article “Top Nine Executive Resume Mistakes” for TheLadders Career Advice. Too many resumes are riddled with multiple font styles after people cut and paste  from past resume files, their LinkedIn profile, [...]

How to Customize Your Resume to the Job Listing

If you want to be included in a recruiter’s call back pile keep your resume’s chronological information static, but tweak the language in the top section, advised professional resume writer Steve Burdan in the article “Customize Your Resume for That Plum Job.”
Burdan believes strongly in the importance of customizing the top third section of a [...]

The Downside of Functional Resumes

Functional resumes can be a means to avoid drawing attention to a gap in your career, your age or a lack of experience. It can be a great way to highlight your skills over your work experience.
But they have a downside too, wrote Dawn Hrdlica, the Human Resources Manager at MailSouth in a blog on [...]

Write Resume Job Titles That Are Clear and Alluring

Craft a clear and specific job title for your resume and aim to grab the readers attention in a matter of seconds, said Beth Colley, principal of Chesapeake Resume Writing.
You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a resume reader (that is, after it’s made it past ATS resume scanning software), so [...]

Don’t Use Your Picture in a Resume

Don’t put your head shot, company logo or any sort of picture on your resume. If you do, your resume is more like to see the trash pile than a recruiter’s hands, said ATS experts interviewed by TheLadders.
Most companies scan every resume, whether sent by e-mail, fax or hand delivered, into a Applicant Tracking System [...]

Guess Which Resume Got Ignored

Secrets of the Job Search shared the tale today of a hiring manager at a small company with no human resources department to rely on who managed to screen through 77 resumes and discard most in just a few days.
How she did it offers a lesson in how to submit your resume, right down to [...]