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Oregon, North Carolina, Nevada and Indiana Hit Double-Digit Unemployment


Indiana Unemployment (Editor B, CC3.0)

Eight states are suffering double-digit unemployment. Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary, released April 17 by the Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, revealed that Oregon, North Carolina, Nevada and Indiana had topped 10 percent unemployment, traditionally considered one of the definitions of an economic depression. Michigan, California, South Carolina and Rhode Island passed 10 percent unemployment earlier.

Four other states and the District of Columbia lingered just below double digits – District of Columbia, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and New York.

The national average for March rose to 8.5 percent.

While the bare numbers don’t offer much insight, a deeper dive into the figures by region and industry and skill, can inform your decision on where and what to look for.

Click here for U.S. Unemployment figures for February.

State March Unemployment February Unemployment
Michigan 12.6 11.6
Oregon 12.1 9.9
South Carolina 11.4 10.4
California 11.2 10.1
North Carolina 10.8 9.7
Rhode Island 10.5 10.3
Nevada 10.4 9.4
Indiana 10 9.2
District of Columbia 9.8 9.3
Kentucky 9.8 8.7
Florida 9.7 8.6
Ohio 9.7 8.8
Tennessee 9.6 8.6
New York 7.8 7
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