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Recruiters Using Social Networks to Build Candidate Pipelines

Facebook is great fun, but companies are using it to find reasons not to hire you.

If LinkedIn and Facebook are worth a recruiters time, they should be worth your time.

Are social networks worth your time?

It might be easier to answer that question, if you asked recruiters if social networks are worth their time? They are worth a recruiters time, said David Szarzy, an expert on recruiting and founder of the Recruiter Academy. In fact, social networks are a time saver for recruiters building a pipeline of candidates, he said in a recent blog post “Building Candidate Pipelines: The Dilemma and Some Solutions.”

  • First you need to find qualified applicants who meet the position specifications (and we all know quality talent is not sitting out on job boards or applying to our postings). This might include performing primary (phone-based) and Internet research to identify potential prospects.
  • You then need to verify that they are potential candidates and validate they are good at what they do (typically phone and/or referral based).
  • Once identified and validated, you need to make contact with them, engaging in discussion to understand their current situation, what would motivate them to move, etc.
  • Once you have established a connection/relationship, you need to create and maintain an ongoing relationship management campaign to stay connected with them.

Of course using your centers of influence (hiring managers, employees), and using technology (including social networking sites) can reduce the time required to build and maintain pipelines, but I haven’t found anyone who has built strong candidate pipelines (as I defined above) who doesn’t dedicate a 5-10+ hours a week to this activity (pending type of recruit, # of job categories you recruit for, etc.).

If recruiters see social networks as a time saver, a way to qualify and filter candidates, it is worth your time to be on those social networks. Ensuring that your profile information is easily found on LinkedIn and Facebook should be part of your career duties.

Just be careful your Facebook  profile doesn’t give the recruiter a reason not to hire you.

[Image by robleto via Flickr CC 3.0]

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