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Top 10 Jobs in Demand for August 2009

Healthcare is one of the job areas with the largest demand in 2009.

Healthcare is one of the job areas with the largest demand in 2009.

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Demand for jobs is up, but is it here to stay?

We don’t have an answer for that last part, but the trending suggests it could be — especially in healthcare.

Job openings in U.S. healthcare grew by about 300,000 since April 2009 and are up 169,000 jobs in August over July, according to a report (.pdf) from The Conference Board.

Where are those opportunities?

“With the August data, there are now 3 States (New York, Maryland and Virginia) where the job demand trends have turned positive,” said a press release from The Conference Board. “The August increase included strong gains in several of the largest states, including California (26,700), Texas (21,900), Florida (15,700) and New York (11,100).”

What kind of jobs are in demand? Here are the top 10:

  1. Healthcare and Technical
  2. Management
  3. Computer and Math Science
  4. Sales
  5. Office and Admin
  6. Business and Financial Ops
  7. Healthcare Support
  8. Architecture and Engineering
  9. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media
  10. Installation, Maintenance, Repair

More demand is a positive sign for business and employees,  but improvements haven’t been consistent and unemployment has been hard to beat. According to the Conference Board release:

Supply/Demand rates indicated that, among the occupations with the largest number of online advertised vacancies, there is a significant difference in the number of unemployed seeking positions in these
occupations. Among the top ten occupations advertised online, there were more vacancies than unemployed people seeking positions for Healthcare Practitioners (0.4) and Computer and Mathematical
Science (0.6). On the other hand, in Sales and Related Occupations, there were almost four people seeking jobs in this field for every online advertised vacancy (3.5) and there were nearly five unemployed
looking for work in Office and Administrative Support positions for every advertised opening (4.8).

States seeing the largest growth in this report include New York, Maryland, California and Texas.

(Image by thinkpanama via Flickr CC 2.0)

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  2. It doesn’t specify what jobs in the healthcare and technical field that are in high demand at this time.

    Posted by Sinia Lowery | October 4, 2009, 11:27 pm

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