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Want Less Stress? Consider These Jobs

The training profession tops low-stress jobs, according to CNN Money.

The training profession tops low-stress jobs, according to CNN Money.

The latest CNN Money ranking of the “50 Best Jobs in America” has garnered a sub-ranking list of low-stress jobs. The question, however, is whether a stressful job in the eye of the beholder. Some readers think so.

The following 10 jobs were ranked as low stress by workers in their respective fields (from 10 to 1).

10. Civil Engineer (49.1 percent)

9. Occupational Therapist (50 percent)

8. Software Architect (51.6 percent)

7. Speech-Language Pathologist (53 percent)

6. Telecommunications Network Engineer (55.6 percent)

5. Technical Writer (56.4 percent)

4. Software Developer (59 percent)

3.  College Professor (59.2 percent)

2. Physical Therapist (59.5 percent)

1. Education/Training Consultant (60 percent)

Not all readers commenting on the CNN Money site agree with the results. Commenter Maurice Johnson wrote of the article:

“Not real certain who gathered the information and wrote the article, but a Software Developer is NOT, I repeat NOT less stressful……”

Commenter Asia Anna Eaton wrote of the rankings:

“Being a college professor is the 3rd least stressful job in the US? High satisfaction, sure. But low stress because of “flexible scheduling?” As my former PhD adviser used to say “As a professor, YOU get to choose which 70 hours a week you work. You choose!”

Healthcare and technology jobs dominated the CNN Money overall ranking for the best jobs based on salary, career growth and stress.

[Image by Matthew Biddulph via Flickr CC 3.0]

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  1. As a civil engineer in CT I would not say it is low stress but it is certainly a lot of fun! I think one of the most important things in having a job is making sure you love what you do!

    Posted by Connecticut civil engineer | January 22, 2010, 10:32 pm

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