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Anthony Weiner: Can the Congressman Recover from a Workplace Scandal?

By now everyone knows the tale of New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.  Mr. Weiner’s overexposure has many calling for his resignation including President Obama. While we hope that you never have this type of faux pas in

Can Congressman Weiner's professional image take the scrutiny?

the workplace it forces the question “would you resign after a major flub?”

TheLadders columnist Scott Ginsberg says, in his article, 6 Face-Saving Antidotes to Awkward Situations, the key to getting out of a tight spot  in the workplace is to change your focus. Can Anthony Weiner do that?

“So, how ’bout those Yankees?” might work…

An apology likely won’t help Weiner either. Nor can he correct his mistake, it’s not like he told a white lie on his resume.

So what can be done for the Congressman?

Can he, or you, for that matter  survive such a major blow to his professional image?

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