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Census Bureau Hiring Temporary Workers in Bulk

The Census Bureau is hiring temporary workers in mass in states nationally.

The Census Bureau is hiring temporary workers in mass in states nationally.

The United Stated Census Bureau plans to hire hundreds of thousands of temporary census takers for the 2010 Census, according to its website. Pay ranges for the part time work vary from $10.00 to upwards of $22.00 an hour depending on your state and the county you apply. The Census website has an interactive state-by-state map listing the pay rates.

In the state of Michigan where unemployment is the highest in the country at 14.8 percent, U.S. Rep Mike Rogers (Rep.) has let his constituents know about the Census jobs, and said that the Bureau is planning to hire up to a million temporary workers between now and the Spring of 2010.

“With Michigan losing population during the economic downturn, it will be important to have capable, dedicated workers who provide our state with a full, accurate count,” Rogers said.  “Every Michigan community and resident will be impacted by the outcome of the census as the results become the basis for distributing much of federal funding for the next decade.”

Rogers said available positions include census takers who conduct personal interviews with respondents in their communities, crew leaders who train and supervise census takers, crew leader assistants, census clerks who perform administrative duties in local census offices, and recruiting assistants who help spread the word in their communities about employment opportunities.

Some of the requirements may include having a valid driver’s license, the ability to use your own car and to work nights and weekends when residents are most likely home. The job does include mileage reimbursement for driving, said the Census website.

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