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Congress Putting Together Job-Creation Bill

Congressional leaders want to see jobs stimulated to ease constituents' employment concerns.

Congressional leaders want to see jobs stimulated to ease constituents' employment concerns.

Democrats in Congress are looking for new ways that the government can stimulate job creation.

A pack of Democrats in the House of Representatives charges that the federal economic  stimulus package did little to spur job creation and plan to begin promoting a jobs bill.

L.A. Times: Lawmakers are considering myriad ways to accelerate job growth. In interviews, they mentioned road projects that can be counted on to employ people right away, loans to small businesses, incentives for companies that agree to manufacture products in the U.S., and special partnerships in which government tries to avert private sector layoffs by picking up a share of employee wages.

Rep. Betty Sutton (D) of Ohio is helping to devise a bill. She’s heard from her constituents that the federal economic stimulus isn’t doing a whole lot for them to date, as is Rep. Barbara Lee (D) of Oakland, CA who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus. “I hope we don’t play around the edges with this and we do what will work. Invest the money now… We have to create jobs, and we have to create them right away,” Lee told the L.A. Times.

Democrats would like to get a jobs creation bill going as soon as possible and hope to have one on the President’s desk by January, according to the article.¬† President Obama is set to host a jobs summit Thursday with business, union and economic leaders at the White House.

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