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Don’t Use Your Picture in a Resume

ATS scanning software will reject images, graphics and logos on resumes, said career experts interviewed by TheLadders.

ATS scanning software will reject images, graphics and logos on resumes, said career experts interviewed by TheLadders.

Don’t put your head shot, company logo or any sort of picture on your resume. If you do, your resume is more like to see the trash pile than a recruiter’s hands, said ATS experts interviewed by TheLadders.

Most companies scan every resume, whether sent by e-mail, fax or hand delivered, into a Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which stores and categorizes the document for retrieval later. Most ATS systems are built to handle only text; images and other embedded files will “choke the ATS,” several experts told TheLadders in the article “Resume, Meet Technology: Making Your Resume Format Machine-Friendly.”

Overly formatted resumes and resumes embedded with pictures, graphics and logos can be incompatible with most ATS software. Recruiters and human-resources professionals call it “choking the system”: An applicant fills his resume with pictures, graphics and logos; headers and footers; and formats that make it difficult for the software to read and sort the text into categories or cause it to crash altogether. It’s a sure way to ensure your resume never makes it to a recruiter, said Laura Michnya, the project manager of recruiting systems and process for BAE Systems.

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2 comments for “Don’t Use Your Picture in a Resume”

  1. This is total —–crap. It is another excuse for people to be lazy. A recruiter’ responsibility is to find the best match for a position—regardless of anything else but matching specs to criteria. A photo has nothing to do with a persons qualifications.
    The job market has turned around— It is now a Employers market not a Job Seekers market. And because of recruiters inexperience in handling and sorting through —such an immense talent pool—They need to develop along with the market. If recruiters knew what they were facing then the same jobs wouldn’t be coming back around- every few months. Until they get past the “filling jobs with warm bodies” and “filling jobs with the right people” the most talented will continue to struggle and excuses for not being able to fill positions will never stop. Recruiters have a responsibility to place the “best” not the first, second or third because they applied in that order. We can not progress until the excuses for not helping people …..end !!!

    Posted by C. Rodriguez | February 21, 2010, 4:27 pm
  2. In response to the “total-crap commentary”, I feel you. However, just knowing that ATS exists is enough to encourage my compliance for universal acceptance or just-in-case.

    Good luck

    Posted by Lu Woodson | March 13, 2010, 12:52 am

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