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Finance Jobs: The CIA Wants You

CIA is hiring Wall Street analysts and economists in a bid to help fight corrupt underground movements that use financial systems

CIA is hiring Wall Street analysts and economists in a bid to help fight corrupt underground movements that use financial systems

Financial analysts and economists: Listen up.

The Central Intelligence Agency is looking for a few good men and women from Wall Street. You have the opportunity to fight terrorism, drug lords and corrupt foreign governments.

That’s right. The covert spying department of the U.S. government has a growing need for the economic expertise of financial analysts who want to put their work to use in government intelligence gathering. Take a look at a piece of the job description for some insight:

    The CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence (DI) seeks economists to assess foreign economic policies and foreign financial issues – licit as well as illicit – that affect US security interests. They work closely with political, leadership and military analysts throughout the Intelligence Community in producing current and longer-term intelligence products. There is a particular need for country/regional economists with strong backgrounds in China, the Middle East and South Asia, and for specialists in international banking systems, financial markets, financial transactions, financial instruments, and energy. Economic analysts will also assess illicit financial activities, including networks used by terrorist and criminal groups, financing and procurement of weapons of mass destruction, money laundering and corruption among foreign governments and companies.

There’s something ironic about public, online job postings for a covert wing of the government, but there is not a better way to find candidates than to distribute that information quickly and easily over the good ol’ Internet. Why the need for financial experts and analysts? This WSJ blog post says:

    The CIA now produces a daily Economic Intelligence Brief for President Barack Obama, chronicling economic, political, and leadership developments that could impact the world economic order. Describing the importance of the new briefing, CIA Director Leon Panetta told reporters in February that its purpose was “to make sure that we aren’t surprised by “the implications of the world-wide economic crisis and what happens with countries throughout the world as a result of that.”

Makes sense.

The salary levels are commensurate with experience, but you only have until June 22 to apply. Members from the CIA will be in New York for interviews this summer.

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2 comments for “Finance Jobs: The CIA Wants You”

  1. i search for job in Jordan i retred from Jordan police at rank colonal and i have bachelor degree in economic and finance

    Posted by mohammed alnsour | October 13, 2009, 5:23 pm
  2. I saw the CIA job announcement only today,well past the last date for applications–which was June 22, 2009.I am a Pakistani, a retired Chief of Research (Devlopment Sudies), have almost 50 years experience of socio-economic studies ( including 14 months with American Consulate General, Lahore / Pakistan, where I was Research Assistant ( Economics), and have produced a large number of reports ( including a few for USAID.I live in Peshawar, and I am still well connected with the Universities here. Though 73 years now, I am in good health and can undertake the type of work mentioned in the job announcement by CIA.I would be glad to send my cv and references, shold a position be avaialable for a person of my age and qualification.I would be available for work in Afghanistan,,,preferably in Kabul or other safe areas.
    Looking forward to a response please.

    Posted by Muhammad Ahmad Khan | February 1, 2010, 9:53 am

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