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Indiana Woman Outflanks 500 Resumes to Land $13-an-Hour Job

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Tiffany Block's resume got the attention of recruiters because she skipped the e-mail Inbox and fax machine and submitted her resume directly to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The C.R. England truck-driving school, in Burns Harbor, Ind., received more than 500 resumes for the $13-an-hour administrative assistant job it posted in July. Nearly half of the 500-plus resumes never even made it to consideration, but Tiffany Block, a 28-year-old who submitted her resume late in the application process, managed to steer her resume right to the top of the list.

Why did Block, who lost her job at a construction company earlier that year, get the attention of the recruiter and hiring manager when other applicants never made it off the fax machine or out of the e-mail Inbox? The New York Times account of the hiring process reveals why:

  • Stacey Ross, C. R. England’s head of corporate recruiting who was filling more than 24 positions at the time, began reviewing resumes received by e-mail and fax in chronological order and uploaded those to the company’s Applicant Tracking System.
  • She called desirable candidates for a preliminary phone interview
  • She forwarded resumes to Chris Kelsey, the school’s director, for a final review before inviting candidates in for an interview.

England managed to sort through about 300 resumes this way and forwarded 61 to Kelsey before both felt they had a suitable set of qualified candidates. About 210 resumes, “an inch-and-a-half thick stack,” were never scanned or uploaded into the ATS, hence never even considered.

Block’s resume got the attention of Ross and Kelsey because she skipped the e-mail Inbox and the fax-machine pileup and submitted her resume directly to the ATS.

Just before the advertisement was removed, a standard one-page résumé arrived from Tiffany Block, 28, who lived in nearby Portage and had lost her job four months earlier as an accounts receivable manager at a building company when it closed its Indiana office.

Someone she knew had applied for the job and had said so on Facebook. Ms. Block went to the company’s Web site and filed an application online, which many others had not. By doing do, her application went directly into the company’s system. She was hardly optimistic, since she had not had an interview in months.

Ms. Ross, however, passed it on the next day to Mr. Kelsey.

A positive reaction from Kelsey and two successful interviews later, she was hired.

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