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More than an MBA Resume


How do you present a career in marketing, law, IT so that the M.B.A. isn't the only business credential on your resume? (Leonid Mamchenkov, CC3.0)

“Rajan” worked for more than 30 years in IT, but he decided he could do more (and make more) on the business side of the house, so he went back to school and received an M.B.A.

I many ways, Rajan’s story (he asked that his real name not be used) is a common one. It is very common for IT workers to pursue a M.B.A. as an entree out of IT and into business. Many accountants, lawyers and marketers do the same.

Rajan more in his favor than the M.B.A. In more than 30 years working in technology, Rajan acquired a doctorate in material science, published several articles in industry and scientific journals, and developed a number of patent-pending technologies. All great accomplishments, but nothing that proved worthwhile in the business world at the level and salary he sought.

But Rajan’s resume is far from typical, but his trouble is common. How do you present a career in marketing, law, IT so that the M.B.A. isn’t the only business credential on your resume?

Rajan sought professional assistance and found Ken Moore,  a certified professional resume writer who works with TheLadders. Moore helped him craft a business-oriented resume from his technology career.

They found plenty of business experience in Rajan’s past to highlight. “He had real business experience, including interfacing with customers, with responsibility for setting up the production and fabrication facilities for semiconductors in the U.S. and internationally,” Moore said.

(IT Career by Leonid Mamchenkov, CC3.0)

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