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Physicians, Dentists Dominate Top-Paying-Jobs List


Physicians dominate Forbes' list of America's top-paying jobs. (quaziefoto, CC3.0)

You should have been a doctor. Physicians and dentists dominate Forbes’ list of America’s Best- And Worst-Paying Jobs.
CEO ($160,440 average annual pay), which received so much scrutiny as an overpaid position of the bursting financial bubble, is only the 10th highest-paid occupation and the only job in the top 15 that doesn’t require a MD or DDS.
You have to go down to No. 16, lawyers ($124,750), to find the next highest-paying job outside the medical club.
Other top-paying jobs:

  • No. 17 Natural Sciences Managers, $123,140
  • No. 18 Engineering Managers, $120,580
  • No. 19 Airline Pilots, Copilots and Flight Engineers, $119,750
  • No. 20 Petroleum Engineers, $119,140
  • No. 21 Computer and Information Systems Managers, $118,710
  • No. 22 Marketing Managers, $118,160
  • No. 23 Financial Managers, $110,640
  • No. 24 Sales Managers, $110,390
  • No. 25 Air Traffic Controllers, $108,090

Forbes’ 25 worst-paying jobs are almost all associated with food service and hospitality and all hover between $17,000 and $20,000 in average annual income.

(Top Paying Jobs by quaziefoto, CC3.0)

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