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Where the Jobs Will Be at the Beginning of 2010

Boulder, Colorado ranks 16th out of 25 cities poised to recover jobs in early 2010 by BusinessWeek.

Boulder, Colorado ranks 16th out of 25 cities poised to recover jobs in early 2010 by BusinessWeek.

Who’s hiring? Or better yet, Where’s Hiring?

Border towns, energy-centric cities, college towns and anywhere near near military bases are the areas that will experience hiring booms as they come out of the recession, said a report by BusinessWeek and Moody’s

Why? Because these are the places that were that were least affected by the dominant element of the recession – home foreclosures and slumping real estate values. They’re also home sources of production or commerce that never ceased during the recession.

None of the metros on the list experienced a housing bubble that had a disastrous pop. Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Stockton, Calif., will likely be in a funk long after many Texas metros are in growth mode.

“These are areas that had little or no housing cycle and stand to benefit from the renewed firmness in commodity prices,” said Chris Lefakis, an economist at Moody’s “This could be an export-lead recovery with the replenishment of inventory leading to a resurgence in manufacturing.”

Energy towns with expected job growth include: Billings, Montana, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and Farmington, New Mexico. College towns include: Austin, Texas, College Station, Texas, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Auburn, Alabama, and Lawrence, Kansas. Military towns include: Colombus, Georgia, AugustaGeorgia, and Texarkana, Texas, according to the article. Other cities expected to recover as more consumers return to spending on recreational activities like skiing and tourism include Bend, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas.

Additionally, the weak dollar will provide a boost to communities with international trading ports and metros that border Mexico, such as Brownsville, Tex. (a port town that is No. 4 on our list), and border town McCallen, Tex. (No. 3).

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