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Why a $90,000 Job Goes Unfilled

Despite record unemployment, recruiters said they can’t find enough candidates to fill certain jobs, according to a survey of recruiters by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and TheLadders, which operates Career-Line.

The trouble for recruiters isn’t finding willing applicants. They can’t find candidates with the necessary skills and industry experience to fill the positions, several recruiters and human resources managers told CNNMoney.

Instead, recruiters are bombarded with resumes from unqualified job seekers and executives trying to switch industries. As a result, human resources spends too much time sifting through resumes for people who aren’t remotely qualified and can’t find many who are, Mary Willoughby, the HR director at the Center for Disability Rights in Rochester, N.Y., told CNNMoney. Willoughby had been trying to hire registered nurses, home health aides and service coordinators for more than six months.

Things are even worse on the higher end of the pay scale. At wireless leasing firm, Unison Site, a position for director of lead generation, which pays $90,000-$140,000, has been open for three months, with no candidates in sight.

“With the job market the way it is, we should be able to recruit really good people and it hasn’t worked quite as well as we wanted,” said Joe Songer, co-founder and chief financial officer. “My problem is when I put an ad out I just get bombarded with people that aren’t qualified.”

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One comment for “Why a $90,000 Job Goes Unfilled”

  1. Perhaps it is not necessarily the “unqualified candidate” phenomena but rather an inability to see the forest for the trees, the potential of a candidate based on work that parallels, has similarities or has readily transferable skills. Experience comes only from an opportunity to learn….learning comes from motivation, motivation comes from those who are willing to work hard…..sometimes HR recruiters need to read between the lines…..

    Posted by Greg | February 3, 2010, 10:24 am

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