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Guess Which Resume Got Ignored

Secrets of the Job Search shared the tale today of a hiring manager at a small company with no human resources department to rely on who managed to screen through 77 resumes and discard most in just a few days.

How she did it offers a lesson in how to submit your resume, right down to the format, file and followup.

Then there is the daunting task of reviewing resumes and cover letters. About 1/4 of the submissions didn’t contain the required cover letter. She discarded those because they didn’t follow directions. (She had to have some way of paring down the candidates). Several of the submitted resumes were done in Word 2007, which she couldn’t open. Guess who’s resumes are going to be read?

…This hiring manager only received 77 resumes. She was lucky. Out of these 77 applicants, under 10 have followed up with and email or a phone call. It made her wonder about the interest of the others.

…Most applicants did not tell me why they wanted to work in this job. Some resumes were so off-base, I thought they may have applied for a different job by mistake.

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