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Resume Samples: One Explains You, One Sells You

Marc Cenedella, the founder and CEO of TheLadders has seen a few resumes in his life. He has a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t work in a resume.

Last week, in his weekly newsletter, he introduced us to  “Tim,” a sales and marketing executive from Atlanta, who told Marc at a recent career event in Atlanta that he “loved fixing things…” “he can fix things really well…” and he was interested in “getting things off the ground.” The resume he handed Marc said pretty much the same.

Marc said he had a flash of insight and realized that many resumes read like the product manual to an electronic device when they should read like the advertisement for the device.

both concern the same product, but one just “tells” while the other “sells.” Most people write their resumes like a Product Manual… It’s all true; it’s got all the data in there. But it’s boring. And it simply tells you what the product does. While a good resume, like a great ad, tells you the benefits that you will get from the product:

This week, Marc’s newsletter, It’s Time Your Resume Retired, makes an example of two job seekers whose before and after resumes illustrate Marc’s notion.

Robert Jetté, a wealth manager from Pleasanton, California:

Robert Before Robert After

Ben Prozniski, and IT executive from Chicago:

Ben Before Ben After
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