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Marc Cenedella: Find Jobs by Following Successful Job-Search Strategies

Where do you find the best guide to a successful job-search strategy? Where do you pick up the best job-search tactics? By imitating someone who got a job.
Last fall, we began compiling profiles of success stories — job seekers who found a job — in our Career Advice section as a way to promote what [...]

Marc Cenedella: Leave Resume Writing to the Professionals

You can probably change a light bulb on your own, but would you try to rewire your own home? It’s too important a job with too many possible bad outcomes to leave to an amateur electrician.
So, as a responsible homeowner or tenant, you hire a professional with the training and experience to do the job [...]

Marc Cenedella: Do One Thing Today

You never know where you’re going to find career advice.
I had the pleasure to sit next to Karen “Duff” Duffy at a charity even last week and gleaned some words of wisdom for the job search from the model/actress/author.
In 1995, Duff was a rising star. She was a top VJ on MTV, a spokesman for [...]

Marc Cenedella: Job Search Lessons From Star Trek

Any entertainment that has to do with getting your first job and growing up in it is very interesting to your correspondent. And so the “Star Trek” movie out last weekend got me thinking about the spirit and energy so many of us bring to our first jobs right out of school.
There’s a scene in [...]

Marc Cenedella: Leaving the Right Voicemail Message

In the old days, a recruiter received her phone messages on a sheet from a pink, While You Were Out notepaper that had all the right info to contact the caller. There was no way the caller could mess up the message.
Voicemail is self service, and there are multiple opportunities to mess up the message [...]

Marc Cenedella: 10 Stories You Must Read for Your Job Search

You might not even be aware, but TheLadders’ operates its own little news department to keep you abreast of the issues and events that affect your job search and often get ignored by business coverage in the media. A team of three editors and a handful of reporters writes and prepares stories every week that [...]

Marc Cenedella: Give Yourself Some Credit

In this week’s newsletter, Marc Cenedella (founder and CEO of TheLadders) highlights credit advice from the company’s editorial team.
When you’re looking for a job, who needs more distractions?
You’ve already got your hands full, and the last thing you want is worry about how to pay for the hunt. Unfortunately, with today’s economy, credit-card companies [...]

From Marc Cenedella: Too Old, Too Plain? No Way!

In this week’s newsletter, Marc Cenedella (founder and CEO of TheLadders) salutes a viral-video star who beat the odds.
“You’re a dowdy 47-year-old from Scotland. ‘Never been married, never been kissed.’ No love in your life. No job. No luck.
“But you have a gift within you. And you know it.
“And you’ve somehow managed to make [...]

Marc Cenedella: TV Appearances for TheLadders

In this week’s newsletter, Marc Cenedella (founder and CEO of TheLadders) points to recent television coverage of the company and its successes connecting $100K+ job seekers and new positions.
“I started six years ago with the idea that talented people needed a place to stand apart from the tidal wave of internet applications. And [...]

Resume Samples: One Explains You, One Sells You

Marc Cenedella, the founder and CEO of TheLadders has seen a few resumes in his life. He has a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t work in a resume.
Last week, in his weekly newsletter, he introduced us to  “Tim,” a sales and marketing executive from Atlanta, who told Marc at a recent [...]